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Breast Play is the Best Play!

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  • 2017-05-24
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Breast Play is the Best Play!


Boobs, I love thee. You make my heart sing and you give life to my peen! - Booblover

Breast Play is the Best Play!


Mammaries, Melons, Phil & Grant Mitchell? However you want to refer to them… don’t leave them out during your smooch sessions and sexy time rendezvous.

Why I hear you say?

Well…breasts often get over looked when it comes to the down and dirty. Especially if your more of an ass kinda person!

Breasts are jam packed with nerve endings and some women are so sensitive in that area that they can climax just from nipple play. I kid you not.



If your partner has bigger breasts her nerve endings while be more spaced out and require a firmer grip. Try applying different amounts and types of pressure and I bet she will be wriggling with joy!

Breast play also releases something called Oxytocin. The love and hugging hormone! (Nope we haven’t made this up) so what better way to bring you and your partner closer together than a bit of a boob squeeze and hug it out?


How to initiate the first grab?


Feeling a bit shy and a bit nervous to try something you haven’t before? The best way to initiate is start with a little stroke around the area. Under the boob, down her cleavage. Don’t go in like you are about to squeeze your own freshly squeezed orange juice! Caress is the key.

Rub your fingers over her nipples and gently tweak until they are erect. Kneading the outer area with your hands, and gently stroking will be sure to drive her wild.

The best way to initiate some boobie play is to gently trace your fingers over the outer curves of her breasts. Run your thumbs lightly under the space where they fall, and use only the tips of your fingers to caress, being careful not to touch her nipples just yet. Use your breath to cover her nipples with warm bursts of air, and give her the ultimate stimulation as you barely touch her. Avoid grabbing or kneading them, to begin with. Don’t be shy to ask her if she is enjoying it, sampling with harder tweaks and rubbing, but always ensure she is comfortable.


The idea of talking about your lady’s breast preferences might sound like an absolute mood killer, but it’ll benefit you both in the end. Instead of outright asking, try bringing it up whilst you’re caressing her. Say things like ‘do you like that?’ or  ‘does that turn you on?’ It doesn’t have to be clinical. Or try having her tell you where and how she likes it. Ask her to touch herself and show you what she likes.

Top Three Positions for Boobie Play


Doggy Style – Easy accessible. Giving your lover ability to cup and squeeze the breasts. Clamping her nipples whilst she rocks back and forward.


Woman on top – Leaning forward and putting breasts at face level allowing your partner to lick and caress whilst riding on top. If you prefer to sit up whilst in the driving seat, have your partner arms up on your chest.


Spooning – Who doesn’t love lazy spooning? The perfect opportunity to wrap around each other and push up against one another giving every inch of her breasts the attention they deserve.


Fondle those boobies.

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