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How soon is too soon?

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  • 2017-01-31
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How soon is too soon?

Topic of the week - Premature Ejaculation!

How soon is too soon?

Good question!?

I have had many emails since setting up Toolboxxx of guys asking me how they can make themselves last longer between the sheets!

Well fellas… you will be pleased to know you are not alone. The average male ejaculates within 3 minutes of having intercourse! I haven’t just made this up to make you feel better! It is true! Watching all those porn movies and clips that go on and on and on and on…. Has given you a false representation of how real life sex is!

Online surveys show that most women are happy with 5-15 minutes per session. So although the 2 minute stint the average male is giving, it is technically only 3 minutes short of a happy girlfriend.


Women don’t work that way!

Did you know whopping 80% of women struggle to reach orgasm during penetrative sex? That’s 4 in 5 females!

So realistically if your wife or girlfriend is one of the 80% that requires extra clitoral stimulation, the chances are they aren’t going to want you to carry on for 30 mins anyway. Get them ‘finished off’ first that way there is no pressure on how long you should last for as she will be already satisfied.


Gaining control!

It can be a very sore subject for guys who ejaculate prematurely but fear not fellas… this can be corrected! Here at Toolboxxx we have toys and apparatus to help you gain control of your time keeping.

This process is called peaking! Climbing up to your peak and then stopping. Repeat. Repeat. Peak and then repeat.

Think of chairs, think of libraries, and think of your mate’s granny in her underwear. Do whatever it takes to kick you off the scent and bring you back down to a controllable level.

Easier said than done right?

All men know when they have hit the point of no return when it comes to busting a nut! It is all about getting to know how to stop before you reach that point. When you do hit the point of no return it is too late! Nothing can stop you. Not even a family member walking in. It is definitely too late!

Here is what you can try that will definitely help.

Self-congratulate 3-4 times a week for a few weeks (ideally using a stamina building toy) but it isn’t necessary.

Get used to what it is thats pushing you over the edge to the point of no return. It could be fast strokes, it could be how tight your hand (or she) is, how much lube you have used. Everybody's triggers will be different.

If it is speed for example, masturbate quickly and stop yourself when you feel yourself getting closer. It really works. It helps you have power over the one eye snake and within a few months you will lasting 10 mins instead of your usual 3.


Don’t be ashamed!

One thing I will say is don’t ever be ashamed for spunking the monkey too soon! If you build it up in your head you will knock your sex life off kilter, you will be embarrassed and it will only make the issue worse.

It can be fixed!

Here are some stamina training links that we recommend and have had many thank you emails for the wonders it has done to their time keeping.

Stamina Strengtheners!

1.      Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit
2.     Zolo Trainer Cup
3.      Blewit Pleasure & Performance
4.      Fleshlight Flight Instructor
5.      Tenga Air Cup


Here at Toolboxxx.com we have over 300 different types of male masturbators, all which help you keep a cap on your “point of no return” and things just for sheer pleasure.

Good Luck! xx


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