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Back Door Business…

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  • 2017-01-16
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Back Door Business…

So topic of the week -To brighten up this blue Monday - BUM FUN!

Whats so good about the back door... and how best to approach it!  

Back Door Business…

Anal seems to be  something more and more people are talking about and something that a lot of guys seem to love.

And some girls for that matter! So this week I have been doing my research about how and why people have taken a shine to this exit route activity and to answer a few myths!

Innie or an Outey!?

Is it an entrance or an exit? Online surveys show that 40% of couples dabble in anal sex. With another 15% saying they would be up for trying it out.

It seems its becoming more and more of an entrance than I originally thought. Why is this?

Is it the taboo side of things because its forbidden fruit? Is it because it’s “Tighter” or is it just simply because it is another hole therefore another goal?

I have spoken to some of my male friends about this matter and it seems to lean towards the Taboo side of things.  The UNTOUCHABLE! It makes it more appealing because they know it’s more out of reach –so to speak – than the usual entrance.

Different matter completely for men of course. The male G-Spot is located up the rear so they have every right to want to probe up there and have mind blowing orgasms. It makes complete sense!

HOWEVER… my research shows some women actually prefer it to normal sex! Well bugger me! (not literally)! Am I missing out?

It can be just as satisfying and pleasing as normal penetrative sex! Who knew!?

It is also a must-do because of the amount of it shown in porn. Its portrayed as extra sexy on many porn sites and it just makes men want to try it out and re create their own steamy session!

Will I poop!?

The question on every bum-fun virgin’s lips. Will I poop?

Good question! I am pretty damn sure you will freak the F out but after intensive research I am going to give some guidelines to reassure you and guide you in slowly.

Being a bum-fun-phobe is completely normal. Everyone always assumes that they will release when it comes to pulling out! This is not true! Have some baby wipes to hand if you are worried, but don’t let it consume your thought process. The more you worry, the more you will tense up and the more painful it will become,

Anal sex does not have to hurt! Like I said it seems a lot of women find it extremely pleasurable! Start slow, or even better start alone using some teeny butt plugs! Get yourself used to it. Toys for The Bum Here! 

Toolboxxx actually sells more butt plugs than anything else at the minute so it seems quite a few of you are breaking your cherry!


How to become a pro!

There are easy entry positions available – so  I am told. Doggy Style (obviously), Missionary – yep and lying flat on your stomach. The latter is the least painful. It allows muscles to relax easier and allows your partner to ease in steadily and slowly!

Dont forget lube, lube and more anal lube. Lube is they key here. Don’t be trying this activity dry, you could and most probably will cause some serious damage!

Like I mentioned earlier have baby wipes to hand and preferably wear a condom. Before the penis enema starts you need to try and relax your back passage muscles.  So basically you need to relax to the point like you are going to go to the loo. But you wont! Hopefully!

Ladies if you stimulate the front at the same time this has proven to help relax you even more so! Try it!

Lady Stimulators are here!

Will My b-hole become loose!?

Hell no. this is a myth! There used to be a lot of these myths floating about saying that people lost control of their bowel movements from practising in too much anal sex! LIES! Regular and healthy anal sex will never result in this.

When partaking in bum sex regularly of course the muscles back there will learn to become more relaxed but that is mainly because your thought process has changed and you allow that to happen. With the right introduction you will be able to accommodate a range of sizes up there without having a loose B-hole!


Head on down to brown town!

The natural curiosity in all humans is only normal. Exploring different avenues of sexuality, different ways consummating and trying different holes. It is all perfectly normal!

Whether it be a treat on special occasions, something that you thoroughly enjoy or maybe it’s just a serious case of FOMO* open your mind to exploring. You don’t know until you try it right?

That Holy Grail, Hershey Highway, plowing the back field… whatever you want to call it, is becoming increasingly popular! As long as you are careful and don’t feel forced into it then why the hell not!? You might love it!

**FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out!



Created By 2017-01-16 15:45:27 Posted By SeanLycra Comment Link
made me chuckle. great approach to talking about sexual subject. great read x
David H
Created By 2017-01-16 15:43:00 Posted By David H Comment Link
HAHA! This is brilliant! Too funny and actually quite factual! Thanks Ree-Un. I look forward to reading more!

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