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SEXPERTS - Lucy Vixen Answers your Sex Related Questions

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  • 2016-12-12
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SEXPERTS - Lucy Vixen Answers your Sex Related Questions

Here she is!

We have been lucky enough to have the super-sexy Lucy Vixen in the ToolBoxXx HQ this week. She has been trawling through many of your sex related questions. Who knew the tinterweb had so many sexual issues and frustrations!?

We have hand-picked some of your saucy Qs and juicy Lucy has offered a helping hand in resolving some of your problems!


Question: Hi there guys!
Just wondering if you could help or give me some advice on a sexual position I'm having some trouble with.
My girlfriend loves doggie style and so do I but I have trouble getting in and staying in when I'm behind her.
She is a bit curvy but by no means large and I think I'm average "size" so I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. 
Any advice or tips to make doggy more enjoyable for us both will be greatly appreciated. 
Can I be anonymous please? You could refer to me as TJ is that helps. 
Hope to heat from you soon. 
Love your work and your website. Fantastic and refreshing!


Lucy: Hey there TJ! 

There are many different variations of "the doggy" you can do. 
I would try perhaps making sure your lady has her bottom up very very high and her upper body and face down low. This opens up the back area a lot more than if she was up fully on all fours. 
This should make it easier for you to get your soldier in and stay in.
Also pillows are your friend pile them high to keep her beautiful bottom in the air. 

The "reverse cowgirl" is also a good move if you lady likes doggy and doesn't mind putting some effort in, As it's hitting all the same spots as if she was in doggy.

Hope this helps. Good luck you two animals 

Question:  Hi I'm overweight working on losing it (6st down). I'm worried being only 4.5 inches long & 4 inch width isn't big enough to satisfy anyone. 



Lucy:  Hello there Paul, 
First things first, A good old saying to kick things off. 
"It's not the size of the nail but the hammer behind it" 
There are so many ways you can use a penis, big or small. 
There are so many things you can do to a women/or man without using your little Johnson. 
Foreplay is key here if you feel like you're not adequate enough. 
Get your partner really riled up and ready for you. Tease. Caress. Until they are practically going to orgasm before you even penetrate them. 
There lots of toys you can use too.
And once you get into intercourse I suggest doggy, makes you feel the biggest, long deep slow thrusts to make them feel like your manhood is like a black mamba.

Good luck Paul x

Question: I'm a 24 year old female and my partner doesn't give me enough sex. My sex drive seems to be much higher than his, and it makes me feel really offended when he turns me down. He assures me it's not me, and it's just because he doesn't have a huge sex drive. Should I just buy lots of toys and do it myself? 


Lucy:  Men are fickle creatures sometimes. 
I say YES to toys, and especially playing with them in front of your man! 
That will make him want to jump on you like a proud lion. 
He will get instantly jealous of your new toys and will want to do the job himself, like he should be anyway BUT tease him, tell him no a few times. Karma is a bitch hey ;) 
Enjoy x

Question:  Hello Lucy,

I hope you can help. I am quite a big girl, size 18, and I get shy about meeting new men and taking things into the bedroom. I have no body confidence and I like the idea of a man that can throw me around, but I think I'm too big for that to ever happen. You are a gorgeous curvy woman who oozes sex appeal, can you offer me any advice?

Lucy:  Hello Kerry! 
As Gok Won says time and time again "it's all about the confidence" 
Be confident in yourself first, look at yourself in the mirror and point at all your lovely spots. 
Your juicy boobs, wonderful bottom, amazing eyes and hair.
Then play on them, so get a bra that makes your tits pop up to your chin. Show them off and men will flock. Tight fitting dresses. 
And I tend to just look up for the tallest man I can find and walk up to them and say "hey big boy" men like it when a girl says hello first. 
It can be daunting at first but just try it out and all they can say is no thank you. Don't let anyone hurt your feelings. 
You'll find some lumberjack that wants to toss you around I'm sure of it.

Question: I'm a single 19 year old lad at uni and I don't have a way with girls at all. Do you have any pick up tips. I'm known as the virgin nerd, (I'm not a virgin) but I don't last very long when I do have sex so I avoid it completely. This is why people assume I haven't had sex before. Help me! 


Lucy:  Hey Kyle the none-virgin nerd. 
I am also a none-virgin nerd! I say GET OUT THERE! Go to the nerdy events where other nerdy people hang out. Like comic cons, gaming festivals or whatever your inner nerd is. 
There will be plenty of lovely ladies who want to unlock your inner geek. 
Women like confidence, not too cocky but enough to strike up a conversation if you had been perhaps locking eyes over your computer monitor. 
So go knock them dead, so you can revive them in the bedroom.
And in regards to keeping your stamina up, have a w*nk before you go out or have a date!! Old school trick.

Good luck x


Next up on our SEXPERTS blog we have site owner and international lingerie model Rhian Sugden answering your deepest and darkest questions, queries, worries… whatever it may be.

Email us at TheToolboxxx@Gmail.com and we will feature you next time!


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