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The Making of ToolBoxXx - Dildo Gate

The Making of ToolBoxXx - Dildo Gate

The Birth of ToolBoxXx brought to you by owner Rhian Sugden

November 2016 ToolBoxXx was born!

Hello there...

Let me just clarify this story is 100% true! I haven’t made
this up for effect. This is genuinely how I came up with this new business
venture of mine.

As I lay in bed watching Emmerdale on catch-up on a lazy
Sunday morning I received a knock at the door

Standing aghast was Maureen. The sweet old lady from across
the street. A pillar of the community. My parcel taker-inner,  Mrs Neighbourhood watch.

*Cue sweet old lady voice* "Errr, Hello there, your things and bits and bobs are all over the street!"

Confused, I peered over and Maureen in her wooly cardigan
stepped aside...

My front garden was strewn with a selection of sex toys! A
few dildos on the driveway, a variety of vibrators on the verge and a few
rubber cocks in the road!  

MORTIFIED, I ran inside. Eyes wide and slightly humiliated…
(ok VERY humiliated) I panicked about what I was going to do. It was 11am – prime
dog walking time in my sleepy suburb. I knew that soon every neighbour on the
street would be curtain twitching to get a glimpse of the shocking scandal! Oh the embarrassment!


Being home alone I had to sort this out alone. I knew that picking them up would look like I was claiming ownership of them all.
I didn’t want people thinking this 12 inch stick on the wall c*ck, mimicking a road cone was something out of my own personal collection.  

Why would someone do this to me!? Plant a load of sex toys in
my bin and knock it over for the whole world to see?? Someone out there clearly
wanted to degrade me. Well more fool them! I won’t let you try and
embarrass me whoever you are!

I embraced this opportunity. I put on my sexy dressing gown,
strutted out, held my head high and in front of a shocked audience I claimed
responsibility… or so they thought… and collected all the phallus shaped
presents out the front.

'Dildo-Gate'  The gossip spread for miles!


Not helped by my mother, bless her! She went knocking on all the doors on the street telling them that dildo gate was a set up and these “things” where not my belongings. Only problem is, the rumour hadn’t got that far up the street yet, so she technically sent it further out than it needed to be. 

It got me thinking though! Why is this such a taboo subject!?
Ok, ok, nobody wants to see a Sex Toy Mardi Gras parading down their street but
I bet over half the onlookers have had a cheeky bullet or butt plug at some
point in their life. Maybe not Maureen, but certainly the others!

This is where I came up with the idea of ToolBoxXx. I took
Dildo Gate as a sign. I embraced the humiliation. That practical joke that
NOBODY owned up too!

Embrace “Dildo Gate” with me! 

Let's break the taboo people have when it comes to sex toys! Self-congratulating,
tripping the switch, buffin’ the muffin or whatever you guys and gals like to
call it. Everyone does it!

Get with the times people! That 3 year old, rusty bullet you’ve
got stashed in your draw, or those poor pieces of fruit that take a bashing
every time you get an urge... GET RID! (Ideally not on my driveway)!!


We have something for everyone. Even Maureen if she fancied it.

More and more people are using sex toys these days! Good for
them!! Self-pleasing is a 21st century hobby! It is talked about all over the
TV, all over the internet and I am here to help provide you with the safest,
most affordable toys to satisfy your every need.

It’s not only self-pleasing we cater for. Some of the
products on ToolBoxXx can bring couples closer together.  You can explore each other's fantasies
together. Toys can help you reconnect  a sexless

Take confidence that you will be buying from someone that
cares about sprucing up your sex life! Breaking the taboos and exploring new
heights of pleasure!

You will also be pleased to know that the packaging at
ToolBoxXx HQ does not scream “Dildo en-route!” Our delivery is very discrete. I
can also promise not to unpack them and leave them on your driveway. Curtain
twitchers can do one! This is your business…


Let’s build your own toolboxXx.... 

Stay Sexual!



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The business is a lot more open now days..(Didn't mean the pun lol) XX

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